The Amazing Story of the Supersport World Championship
This story is about a young man who created a big success leaving many disasters behind.
Kenan Sofuoğlu (age 29) is a Turkish professional motorcycle racer, who won the Supersport World Championship title three times in 2007, 2010 and 2012.

Sofuoğlu was born as the third son of a Turkish family. His father was a motorcycle repairman at his own garage. Kenan started to race at a very young age, instead of his brother cause he broke his leg. So he got his first championship at the age of 14.

But just after one year, there had been a very big eartquake near their home town in 1999. Although 15 people died under the building, Sofuoğlu family survived but they lost their home.

They started over from nothing. In two years, 3 brothers started to win the local championships.

Honda was the sponsor of Kenan at the beginning, but in 2001 there had been the economical crisis and Honda decided to stop the sponsorship. So they decided to go to the European races and of course it was Kenan to enter the championships.

But he had no money, not even to travel. The eldest brother sold his car and with that money, Kenan went to Europe. 

He won the Yamaha Cup in Germany but just after that success, he got a big shock that his eldest brother Bahattin died in a traffic crash in 2002. Right after that, Kenan devoted all his successes to his brother.

All his competitiors had the chance to train with very good facilities but he never stopped to go higher and higher.

Then his elder brother Sinan died during a race training at the İzmit Körfez Circuit in May 2008.

Many people may ask, how it is possible to go on racing and winning, after losing the most important people in your life with that reason. Kenan says death is something natural and he doesn’t think of death while racing. Because if he does, then it would not be possible to go always ahead.

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